Daphne bholua Spring Beauty

Daphne bholua Spring Beauty



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Daphne bholua 'Spring Beauty' lives up to her name, bearing clusters of small, fragrant white flowers, flushed with lilac, in late winter/ early spring, just when the garden is crying out for some interest. It is a medium sized shrub, tolerant of some shade, and looks lovely when under planted with cyclamen or spring bulbs.

Daphnes are indigenous to the Himalayas where they are called the Nepalese Paper Plant, (bholua is an approximation of the local name ‘bhulu swa’). Plant it somewhere you can enjoy the sweet clove-like scent of the flowers.

  • Flowers: Delightful pink/white scented flowers from January to March.
  • Moist, well-drained soil
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • South or west facing
  • Sheltered position
  • Be very sparing with secateurs, only cut back dead or dying stems immediately after flowering since Daphnes are prone to die back. Needs a sheltered position and may need protection in extreme winter conditions
  • Daphnes are toxic if consumed and the sap can be a skin irritant to some people

Wonderfully strongly scented flowers with citrusy undertone

The Spring Garden