Viburnum Tinus 3L
Viburnum Tinus 3L

Viburnum Tinus 3L



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Providing interest in the garden over a long period of time, Viburnum Tinus (laurustinus) is a dense, bushy shrub with dark, glossy leaves. In late winter, just when gardens need some excitement, it bears clusters of small white flowers, that emerge from pale pink buds. Both humans and bees are drawn to the flowers, which are followed by an encore of metallic blue, turning to black, berries.

Due to its ability to thrive in shadier areas, Viburnum Tinus is a fantastic plant to bring some colour to a dull corner. The dark, glossy foliage is evergreen and provides a wonderful foil against colourful perennials, or the shrub could be used as a wildlife-friendly windbreak or screening plant.


Flowers: December - April

  • Well drained soil 
  • East, South or West aspect
  • Full sun, full shade or partial shade
  • Sheltered
  • Fruits are ornamental – not to be eaten
  • Remove any over zealous shoots that threaten the shape of any established specimens, in early summer

Slightly fragranced flowers

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