Tiarella Pink Skyrocket 
Foam Flower

Tiarella Pink Skyrocket 



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Giving the impression of delicate powder puffs, the flowers on Tiarella Pink Skyrocket start as pink buds on burgundy stems, opening in a cone of tiny fluffy, white, star shaped flowers. The foliage is lobed and blotched with burgundy, resulting in an attractive plant for groundcover, particularly useful in a shaded area.  

Clump forming, Pink Skyrocket works well when planted in a naturalistic swathe in a border or wooded area, as an edging plant or in a mixed container. It is a recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence.


Flowers: April - June

  • Well drained soil
  • East, North, West aspects
  • Full or Partial sunlight
  • Sheltered
  • Water well in dry weather, particularly while establishing
  • Protect from drought and winter wet
  • Remove faded blooms to prolong flowering
  • Cut back in autumn and apply thin layer of mulch to protect the crown from frost over winter
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