Draped Urn

Draped Urn


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Hand-carved from stone in the rolling hills of Tarn, East Toulouse, this Draped Stone Urn boasts an immense level of decoration. Delicate leaves have been etched into the lid, gracefully unfurling downwards they almost nudge our gaze towards the majestic beast that lies below. Taking centre stage is the powerful lion motif atop an elegant garland that wraps the urns exterior.

Such detailing means this urn can easily stand alone to provide some impressive ornamentation, however, with a removable lid you can let your imagination run wild. Deeply spaced there is enough room to use it as a planter and create a distinctive floral scene. Place them along pathways to make a delightful entranceway or situate them within your herbaceous borders to add some stylish decoration.

Dimensions: H: 79cm, Dia: 65cm 

Weight: 73kg 

Materials: Reconstituted Stone 

Care: If required, brush with soapy water, avoid using harsh chemicals 

Frost Resistant