Aloe Polyphylla

Aloe polyphylla


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This beautifully geometric succulent is fantastically rare. Known as the 'many-leaved aloe, Aloe polyphylla is a compact succulent prized for its pronounced spiral pattern – amazingly, it can grow up to 150 leaves! These fleshy leaves have white to pale-green spikes and are an elegant sage green colour, occasionally producing a flowering stem which slowly branches into flowers of a salmon-pink colour.

The Aloe polyphylla breaks all the usual rules for keeping succulents. As an oversized aloe, the Polyphylla is native to the Maluti mountains of Lesotho, Africa, where the soil is rich in minerals. Despite its foreign ‘roots’, this aloe is perfectly suited for a life in England due to being an extremely thirsty plant. As the Aloe grows, the bottom leaves will naturally dry out and die back, which then encourages news roots to develop. (The old leaves can be carefully removed by hand.)

Due to the spikes surrounding the edge of these leaves, we advise keeping them away from small children or pets. This plant is also (generally) disease free, but can encourage scale insects and mealybugs. However, these can be kept away if the plant is properly looked after.

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