Wooden Folding Book Lights Walnut

Wooden Folding Book Lights Walnut


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Fancy a spot of light reading? This smart book-shaped light is a unique, beautiful, rechargeable table top light. Looking just like a laser-cut wooden book when it is closed, when you open it the 'book' transforms into a quirky sculptural light with a wonderfully ambient soft white LED light shining through the pages!

Laser cut wood ensures any bending does not affect the LEDs. Tear-proof 'pages' enclose soft white LEDs, which turn on when the book is opened and off when it is shut; they are also also water-resistant. The cover is walnut plywood, with an attractive split design on the spine enabling it to hinge. When closed, as a book' you can carry it around with ease.

This is more than just a light; it is an unusual, unique piece of design that will wow your visitors. Or keep it to yourself to provide personal lighting wherever you are. There are lots of options with this book lamp:

  • lie it flat
  • stand it up on edge, partly open
  • open to a full 360 degrees with cleverly concealed magnets, to give all-round light
  • as above, but stand the book on the long edges to give a wheel of light
  • you could also attach it to a vertical metal surface with the magnetic cover.

And, as this smart LED book lamp is powered by an in-built rechargeable battery, it is totally wire-free, so you can place it anywhere you want: your library, sitting room, lounge, bedroom as a night light, or even in the garden for a party (but keep it dry).

Choose from two sizes: Mini and Large.

Materials: Walnut plywood (environmentally friendly) and Tyvek paper

LED display colour: Cool white

Battery powered with built-in rechargeable battery, or leave plugged in.

USB charging lead and UK plug supplied



Mini – H:12cm, W:9cm, D:2.5cm. Time to charge: 2–3hrs; lasts 5–6hrs
Large – H:21.5cm, W:17cm, D:2.5cm. Time to charge: 2–3hrs; lasts 12–15hrs