Agapanthus Fireworks
Agapanthus Fireworks
Lily of the Nile

Agapanthus Fireworks



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Agapanthus Fireworks lives up to its name and explodes in a large, bi-colour display of flowers comprising trumpet-shaped florets, which graduate startlingly from a dark centre to bright white petal tips. Each separate flower head will bloom for a long time, during a flowering season that lasts from July to September.


Some Agapanthuses are referred to colloquially as Lilies of the Nile or African Lilies, because they originated in southern Africa. Now the numerous varieties have spread to most hot areas of the globe. The name Agapanthus, appropriately derives from the Greek words agape and anthos, meaning love and flower.

  • Deciduous
  • Hardy / Half hardy
  • Flowering period July to September
  • Herbaceous border / Container
  • Any well-drained soil
  • South, west or east facing
  • Full sun / Sheltered

After flowering, leave foliage to die back. Dry mulch in autumn to protect from frost. Only divide container planted agapanthus in autumn if entirely necessary, they unusually prefer to be crowded.