Amaryllis Red Velvet Bulb

Amaryllis Red Velvet Bareroot Bulb, pack of one bulb



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With tall stems and bold flowers, an amaryllis is a popular winter flowering bulb, adding colour and dramatic impact to any indoor setting. A tender plant, it needs a snug pot and temperatures to be a steady 20-25°C to trigger growth. Bearing large, crimson trumpet flowers, this bulb lives up to its Red Velvet title as the petals have a soft, tactile appearance and a vibrant intensity of colour. 

Native to South America, the plant derives from the genus Hippeastrum, the same family as daffodils and snowdrops. Some say that Amaryllis is named after the nymph in Virgil’s ‘Eclogues’, who, in love with the gardener Alteo, pierced her heart with a golden arrow and the striking red flower that blossomed in her drops of blood was given her name.

  • Flowers: Winter to spring
  • Tender
  • October- January
  • Plant 6-8 weeks before you want it to bloom
  • Choose a pot not much larger than the bulb
  • Allow top third of bulb to remain above the surface of the compost
  • Place in a warm, well-lit spot and water sparingly until leaves develop, and then water regularly. Do not let compost dry out but do not let it sit in water in the saucer as it will easily rot.
  • Turn occasionally to avoid it growing towards the light
  • May need staking
  • To extend flowering season, move to a cooler position
  • Keep out of the reach of cats and pets as toxic