Terres D'Albine Amphore Garland
Amphore Garland
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Amphore Garland Pot

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This remarkable Garland Amphora Pot settles like a piece of classical statuary or architecture amongst foliage in the garden. The curved belly of the pot has an aged, patinated surface, while the upper part of the pot and rim is decorated in a rich, enamel glaze through which appears in relief a gloriously stylised floral garland.


A small French family business situated in the rolling hills of Tarn has been making these exquisite pots since 1878. After seven generations the artisans have perfected a rope turning technique - tournage à la corde – which is a traditional but unique process that helps create the beautiful silhouette of these pots.

Amphore Garland Pot Detail

  • Glazed and treated extremely thick terracotta
  • Frost proof
  • If necessary clean with brush and soapy water (avoid harsh chemicals)