Arenaria montana
Arenaria montana
Mountain Sandwort

Arenaria montana

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Lovely on the edge of a border or as ground cover, Arenaria montana creates a mound of foliage which makes excellent ground cover. From this, in late spring pretty five-petalled white flowers emerge which are highly appealing to native pollinators and make this a welcome, evergreen perennial in a cottage garden. 

Knowing where this plant originates helps to understand its care. Arenaria montana (the clue is there) comes from the mountainous regions of South Western Europe, where they grow in fine, shallow soil.


The white flowers appear from May to July, attracting native pollinators, particularly bees.

  • Well drained soil
  • All aspect
  • Full sun

Arenaria have a shallow root system which means they need to be planted in fine well drained soil that does not completely dry out. Ensure that you water thoroughly when establishing. Cut back spent flowers and trim foliage before winter.