Iris Hantverk Beech Scrubbing Brush
Iris Hantverk Beech Scrubbing Brush

Beech Scrubbing Brush



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A classic version of a good old fashioned scrubbing brush with a handle for extra pressure and convenience. Use indoors or outdoors for heavy duty cleaning. Made from beech wood with union mix bristles for excellent friction.

Made from natural materials by visually impaired craftspeople in a small brush manufacturing company in Sweden.

Details & Care
  • Made in Sweden
  • Beech / Union blend bristles
  • With a little simple care, the brush will age beautifully. Clean the brushes with washing-up liquid and warm water.
  • From time to time oil the wood -a food grade oil or cold pressed boiled linseed oil is recommended, applied with a cloth. Let the oil soak well into the wood before using the brush again.