Hera Nei Campi Black Rice, 250g
Hera Nei Campi Black Rice, 250g
Hera Nei Campi

Black Rice, 250g



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This fragrant black rice has a spicy, toasted aroma, with hints of popcorn, coffee, cocoa and olives. Delicious in risotto, it can also be used as an ingredient in baked goods, finger food, sushi and arancini. The riso ebano (ebony rice) grows in the Italian countryside, without the need for fungicides, and uses less water and fertilizer than other varieties.   


Hera Dei Campi continues the heritage of rice growing in Southern Italy by reintroducing rice cultivation to the area, using new growing techniques and varieties. The tradition, which began in 15th century, was abandoned in 1820 due to environmental damage, but now rice is again grown on the Sele plain, this time as a part of sustainable and ecological crop rotation.  

Details & Care
  • Beautifully presented in glass bottle within cardboard casing
  • Cooking time: 35 minutes