Campanula Viking
Campanula Viking
Bell Flower

Campanula Viking

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Campanula Viking is a recent cultivar which produces large mounds of luscious foliage with decoratively serrated or toothed leaves. In midsummer, this verdant clump will produce a mass of large, trumpet-shaped flowers in a delightful purple/blue shade that complements the oranges and yellows of high summer perennial such as Heleniums and Echinops.

Bellflowers are the indigenous form of Campanula in Britain, but native butterflies and bees are attracted to this recent cultivar so quite apart from its beauty, ecologically it is an excellent addition to the herbaceous border.


Long lasting flowers appear in early summer and last until October.

  • Well drained, fertile, moist soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun, partial shade

Cut right back after the first flush of flowering to encourage a second flush in late summer. Avoid water logging of the roots in winter.