Cornus Alba Kessilringii
Cornus Alba Kessilringii

Cornus Alba Kessilringii

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Spectacular en masse, this deciduous shrub is a superb plant for winter drama. Cornus alba Kesselringii has dark red shoots that deepen to black-purple in winter, notable for their shininess. The leaves turn red or purple in autumn. For a contemporary look, use as a living screen or even as hedging.


Good for wildlife gardens as it produces flat clusters of small cream flowers in spring, which attract bees, followed by white berries in midsummer that the birds adore. This is also a great plant for those awkward spots such as banks, slopes and boggy areas.

  • Flowers: May - June
  • Hardy
  • All soil types
  • South, East or West aspect
  • Full sun or partial sunlight

It is a low maintenance shrub, but the plants can become woody with age, so for great winter colour it is advisable to prune almost to the ground each March, although you will sacrifice the berries. (A solution is to prune a third of the stems back each year.) The new shoots grow quickly..