Delta-2 Dining Tables with Natural Oak Legs
Oak Dining Furniture

Delta-2 Dining Tables with Natural Oak Legs

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This solid oak Delta table has a smooth top which contrasts with the authentic, wavy edges of the tabletop where the natural, uneven form of the wood has been retained. The smooth, planed oak legs stand at an unusual angle, lending the piece its contemporary character and charm.


A contemporary twist on a traditional piece of furniture, this piece would elevate any interior, either accentuating a minimalistic setting or elevating the mood of a comfortable farmhouse or barn with a modern edge.

Details & Care
  • Material: Oak
  • Finish: Natural oak
  • 180cm - Seats: 4-6
  • 220cm - Seats: 6-8
  • 240cm - Seats: 8-10
  • Note: Please note that as the wood was cut following the natural lines and curves of the tree, each table is unique.
Close up of wood grain on Delta Oak Dining Table