Electric High Dome Propagator
Electric High Dome Propagator

Electric High Dome Propagator



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This efficient Electric High Dome Propagator runs on mains electricity, making it ideal for vegetables and other plants, whether germinating seedlings or establishing root cuttings. While not thermostatically controlled, the economical heating system will raise the ambient temperature of the growing medium by 8 degrees. The clear, high dome allows maximum light and has ventilators to regulate humidity.

Made in the UK from recycled, injection moulded plastic, the propagator comes in three parts: the heated base in which fits the internal growing tray with holes for drainage and the precisely fitting, crystal-clear, ventilated dome. The 24 Watt heating system is highly economical to run.

Burford Garden Company

  • Recycled and recyclable plastic box and lid
  • Recycled and recyclable plastic base
  • Three-pronged plug for mains electricity
  • 24W carbon fibre heating element in base
  • 15cm (6in) clearance for plants to grow

Unplug from the mains electricity and clean plastic using warm, soapy water.