Eucalyptus gunnii Azure
Eucalyptus gunnii Azure
Cider Gum Tree

Eucalyptus gunnii Azure

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A native of Tasmania, Eucalyptus gunnii Azure is a highly decorative evergreen tree that remains attractive throughout the year. An excellent backdrop in the garden, the glaucous leaves, perfectly paired on straight, wiry stems, start rounded but become lance-shaped as the tree matures. These stems are particularly valued by flower arrangers.


In Tasmania it is known as a Cider Gum or Cider Tree because originally the sap was turned into a cheering drink called wayalinah. The essential oil extracted from its leaves has medicinal uses.


Flowers: Small, fluffy white flowers on mature trees from mid-summer to autumn

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • South, west facing
  • Full sun

Can start off in a large container but due to size in time the tree will need to be planted in the ground. Avoid positioning in cold dry winds when young.


Aromatic foliage