Euonymus Paloma Blanca

Euonymus Paloma Blanca



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The distinctive foliage of Euonymus japonica Paloma Blanca makes it a wonderful evergreen shrub to plant as a decorative hedge, as a feature in a border or making a statement in a container. Slow-growing, the glossy dark green foliage produces bright cream shoots in spring, creating a striking bi-tonal effect until the leaves darken as they mature later in the year.

Euonymus is a large family of shrubs mainly native to East Asia but there are examples, such as the European Spindle tree, that are native to Europe and are commonly seen in our hedgerow.


In summer small, insignificant green flowers will appear and mature into equally insignificant berries.

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • All aspects

This attractive shrub is extremely robust. Because it is slow growing it needs only to be trimmed at the end of the growing season if you wish to keep it compact or shaped as a hedge. Toxic to humans and animals