Ficinia Ice Crystal
Truncate Ficinia

Ficinia Ice Crystal

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Ficinia Ice Crystal is a clump forming sedge that is highly valued for its attractive foliage. Long (10cm), grass-like leaves in a deep, glaucous green are margined with a white stripe. Rather than ending in a point, the tips of the leaves are attractively rounded. While this unusual plant is tender, the decorative effect of the foliage justifies the tender loving care required.

Ficinia Ice Crystal comes from a family of sedges (similar to grasses) native to Asfrica, Australia and New Zealand. Its common name - Truncate Ficinia - refers to the truncation of the leaves with their distinctive blunt ends.


Flowers: Fairly inconspicuous brown flowers are borne on stems above the foliage from June to August.

  • Moist soil
  • Full sun
  • South, west facing

Because this is a tender evergreen, this Ficinia needs to be sheltered during the winter, ideally in a greenhouse. Once the frosts have passed, drop the entire pot into the sunny situation you have chosen and remember to water it in dry spells.