Gladiolus 'At Night', pack of 15 corms

Gladiolus 'At Night', pack of 15 corms

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Gladiolus At Night is a dramatic gladioli, with its tall spikes of deep burgundy flowers, embellished with a velvety finish. Wonderful at adding height and colour to the border, the flowers also attract bees and other pollinators. A long-lasting cut flower, At Night would prove a striking addition to any floral display. 

The flower spikes are accompanied by sword like leaves, hence the name ‘gladiolus’ which translates as ‘little sword’.

  • Tender perennial
  • Plant: from March, approx 10-15cm deep, with width much the same (can be closer in a pot).
  • Flowers: July- September (will flower approx 3 months after planting)
  • Well drained soil
  • South or West aspect
  • Full sun
  • Sheltered
  • Plant at a depth of 3x the size of the corm
  • Gladioli do not like wet soil- so add grit or sand to improve drainage if required
  • Feed with potassium rich feed (such as tomato feed) to promote flowering when spikes start to appear
  • Will require protection from the wind and flowers need staking (take care not to damage corm with cane)
  • Stagger planting if required for cut flowers to ensure supply
  • Corms are generally lifted in winter as they do not fare well if left in the ground during the wet and cold.
  • Cut the stems back when all florets have opened- but leave foliage in place to feed corm
  • Wear gloves when handling
  • Toxic to pets