Havana Blues
Havana Blues
Pamela Ruiz

Havana Blues



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Havana’s bold, provocative approach to art, cuisine and entertainment—as well as the eclectic blend of African, French, Spanish and North American influences is captured here in Havana Blues. From the vintage cars to the crumbling pastel-coloured facades, the unique energy of Cuba has been captured in full colour.


Starting in the mid-90s, Assouline resurrected the illustrated book market with delightfully contemporary products. Classed as a “book-object” due to their versatility of being enjoyed as a title in addition to a statement-piece, their distinctive graphic identity and editorial savoir-faire have captured imaginations, addressing myriad themes with a modernist perspective in 1,500 publications.

Details & Care
  • Publisher: Assouline
  • Hardback, silk bound hard cover, containing photographic prints and illustrations
  • Number of pages: 296 pages
  • ISBN: 9781649800046
  • Full colour photography