Hawkstone Beer Four Bottle Gift Box

Hawkstone Four Bottle Assorted Gift Box


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Perello Tinned Pitted Gordal Olives, 150g
Tinned Pitted Gordal Olives, 150g
Burford Rosemary and Chilli Mixed Nuts
Rosemary and Chilli Mixed Nuts
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A great introduction to the Hawkstone’s distinct brews. Combining the finest brewing ingredients and a lengthy maturation period, Hawkstone’s beers are beautifully balanced and of exquisite quality. Due to ongoing supply issues, we cannot guarantee that each box will include one of each beer. As such, these gift boxes may include different combinations of Hawkstone's Premium Lager, Premium Cotswold IPA, Premium Cotswold Pilsner, and Session Lager.


Having put blood, sweat, and tears into cultivating his own malting barley, Jeremy Clarkson was determined to put it to good use. The farm’s Cotswold Brash soil is hard and unforgiving, but it yields malting barley of unusually high quality, ideal for brewing. After harvest, Hawkstone’s brewmaster combines the barley with yeast and the purest local water before allowing a maturation of up to six weeks. The result is a unique, quality tasting range of beers that vindicates the extra time and effort invested.

  • Premium Lager: 4.8%
  • Premium Cotswold IPA: 4.8%
  • Premium Cotswold Pilsner: 3.8%
  • Session Lager: 4% ABV
  • Made in the Cotswolds
  • Product of the UK