Hortiwool Single Small Garden Pad
Hortiwool Single Small Garden Pad

Single Small Garden Pad



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Wool’s wonderful natural properties deliver several benefits to the garden - it is insulative, protects tender plants from frost, retains moisture and releases nutrients to the soil as it slowly breaks down. Use this pad as a kneeler, to wrap around seedlings, line pots, as a mulch to suppress weeds or dig into the ground as a soil improver. 


Entirely natural, there are no chemical nasties, so it is perfect for use in an organic garden. Wildlife will also welcome the soft wool for nesting, although, happily, slugs and snails find the texture too rough for their delicate undercarriage, keeping them clear of your precious plants!


  • 100% pure British wool - sourced from various breeds of sheep, a pad will consist of multicoloured fleece.
  • Made in Staffordshire