Hosta Lakeside Spellbinder
Hosta Lakeside Spellbinder
Plantain Lily

Hosta Lakeside Spellbinder



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With heart shaped green leaves boasting a central cream flash (which lightens as the plant matures), Hosta Lakeside Spellbinder offers interesting foliage for any difficult shady spots in the garden. Clusters of near white flowers held on long stems in summer add to its appeal. Clump forming, it looks great in a border but will also perform well in a container.  

Hostas are woodland plants and, as such, thrive in a shady spot away from direct sun, sheltered away from cold winds, with soil that does not dry out. Keep an eye for snails and slugs who are rather partial to its luscious leaves.

  • Flowers: July
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil 
  • East, North or West aspect 
  • Full shade or partial sunlight
  • Sheltered

Hostas naturally die back in autumn and any dead leaves should be removed as snails, slugs and their eggs overwinter in the shelter of the foliage - by removing them you can reduce the issue in the spring.