Indoor Potted Hellebore Verboom Beauty
Indoor Potted Hellebore Verboom Beauty
Christmas Rose

Indoor Potted Hellebore Verboom Beauty




These sweet little containers with their rustic finish are the perfect addition to your festive table this year. We have taken terracotta pots and carefully planted them with wonderful white Helleborus niger Verboom Beauty, a variety bred especially to flower at Christmas. Nestling in moss, the hellebores look particularly attractive amongst copper dishes and warm lighting, casting a charming natural shadow.


Once the hellebores have finished flowering, they can be planted out in the garden for next year.

  • Well-drained but moist, humus rich, fertile soil; lime tolerant
  • Partial shade / Full shade
  • While the terracotta containers are porous, there is no drainage hole, so be aware not to overwater when used inside.  
  • Warning: Ingestion may cause severe discomfort; irritating to skin