Knautia Mars Midget
Macedonian Scabious

Knautia Mars Midget

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As the name suggests, Knautia Mars Midget is a short, more compact form of the Macedonian Scabious, with shorter stems and forming a restrained, round mound of attractive foliage. But the flowers are as glorious as the larger variety: deep burgundy pincushions, in bloom from July to late September. Glorious for the border and excellent for bees.  


Macedonia is a name buried in the history of classical Greece, but more simply it was an ancient kingdom on the north-eastern corner of the Greek peninsula. It is easy to imagine the deep crimson heads of this sun loving Knautia waving in the breeze in the Greek sunshine. Plant them on the edge of a sunny border or in a container for a splash of high summer colour.


The delightful, long-lasting flowers appear in July and will bloom well into September.

  • Well drained, fertile soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun

No deadheading is required, the seed heads remain attractive but in autumn cut the flower stems down and mulch.