Lavandula angustifolia Essence Purple
English Lavender

Lavandula Essence



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Plant Lavandula Essence along a path or by an entrance so that its marvellous summer scent will transport any humans that brush past and attract masses of bees to your garden. This highly attractive semi-evergreen shrub with its compact habit, linear grey-green leaves and purple flowers is also lovely as a hedge or in a container.

The angustifolia in the name indicates that this is an English lavender and is as a result more tolerant of British conditions, but it is not native. It is thought the Romans brought lavender with them from the Mediterranean. They used it for washing (hence the name, from the Latin ‘lavare’ to wash) and utilised its antiseptic qualities for dressing wounds.


From early summer a mass of straight, fine strong stalks emerge from the foliage carrying spikes of purple flowers

  • Well drained soil
  • Full sun
  • South, west, east facing

These hardy shrubs need little attention. Prune after flowering to keep in shape and discourage from becoming woody. For dried lavender, cut before the flowers have opened, doing so may also encourage a second flush of flowers in late summer.


When crushed aromatic leaves and scented flowers