Little Miss Hug Ox Eye Daisy Seeds
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Little Miss Hug Ox Eye Daisy Seeds

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These seeds from the Mr Men and Little Miss collection are easy to grow varieties of fruit, vegetables and flowers, ideal as an introduction to ‘growing your own’ for little people. Fun to plant and watch the seeds grow, this is a wonderful way to encourage children outside, building a connection to the soil. 

Ox Eye Daisy is a pretty, white flower with a bright yellow centre that adds impact to a garden or pot and is beloved by butterflies and other pollinators.

Details & Care
  • Hardy Annual
  • Plant in full sun 
  • Simply sow seeds 1 cm deep into pots of compost and place in plastic bags on a bright windowsill. 
  • Once they're growing nicely, remove bag and plant them outside in June or in a greenhouse 
  • Give them plenty of water
  • Sow: February – June (inside)
  • Plant: May- June (outside)
  • Flowers: May - July