Lonicera standishii
Lonicera standishii
Standish’s Honeysuckle

Lonicera standishii

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Lonicera standishii is a semi-evergreen honeysuckle that is highly valued for its abundance of small, early flowers, borne on the bare branches towards the end of winter. These flowers are strongly scented to attract native pollinators, especially bees and are followed by red or black berries, inedible to humans, but a feast for the birds.


The shrub itself forms a bushy habit with ovate, slightly bristly leaves. Once mature the bark of thicker stems will peel. While a good, hardy plant for a partially shady border, it will flower more profusely in full sun.

  • Flowers: February - March
  • Hardy
  • All soil types
  • Any aspect
  • Full sun or partial sunlight
  • Sheltered

Prune to remove dead wood or restrain growth. Berries are harmful if ingested.