Nc'Nean Botanical Spirit, 50cl

Nc'Nean Botanical Spirit, 50cl


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An innovative alternative to gin. Organic barley spirit is infused with locally foraged Scottish plants, and classic gin botanicals, to create a rich, floral spirit. With aroma of nutty barley, sea breeze, and calming chamomile; its smooth texture reveals a delicate peppery flavour along with notes of grapefruit and sour berries.

From fledgling Scottish distiller Nc’Nean, this unique combination of unaged whisky and ten botanicals, including wild bog myrtle, sorrel, heather, and thyme, is then redistilled on the west coast of Scotland; the resulting spirit may not be gin, but it works equally well over ice, topped with a refreshing tonic. Every bottle is certified organic, produced in a verified net zero distillery, and bottled in a 100% recycled glass bottle.


40% ABV
Made in Scotland
Product of the UK