Nepeta Purrsian Blue

Nepeta Purrsian Blue 3L

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Nepeta Purrsian Blue, also has faassenii tucked into its name (resembling a bad scrabble hand), but this superb plant is actually a variety of the humble Catmint. However, plant this obliging perennial in drifts along a walkway or underneath roses, and the effect of blue clouds is very far from humble. Attractive to both cats and bees.


Deer, rabbit and drought tolerant, N. Purrsian Blue will form lovely, rounded clumps of grey/green leaves, from which emerge a profusion of delicate blue flower spikes. A classic and easy-going plant for cottage or informal planting. The foliage is pleasingly aromatic if you brush past it on a footpath or in a container.

  • Flowers: June - October
  • Hardy
  • All soil types
  • South or West aspect
  • Full sun

Trim lightly after flowering to maintain shape. Cats can safely eat catmint leaves, stems and flowers. Cut to ground after winter- ladybirds often favour the dead leaves for hibernation so wait until early spring.