Phalaris Arctic Sun
Phalaris Arctic Sun
Reed Canary Grass

Phalaris Arctic Sun

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A beautiful lime green striated with darker green variations, Phalaris aruninacea Arctic Sun is a wonderfully vibrant grass with an architectural, evergreen presence. In summer it sends up plumes of gold and yellow spikelets, which catch the breeze and add movement to areas close to water such as ponds, streams or bog gardens, where it is best suited.


The species is native to Britain, growing along streams or near lakes, it spreads via a series of underground rhizomes. Its common name, as well as Reed Canary Grass, is the charmingly bucolic, Gardener’s Garters.


From June to August

  • Well drained, fertile, moist soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun, partial shade

Because this is a marginal plant, best suited to planting by ponds, lakes or in a bog garden, ensure that you position it in a damp but well-drained area and water until it is established. If in a container, keep the moisture level high.