Philodendron gloriosum
Philodendron gloriosum

Philodendron gloriosum

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From afar the large, heart shaped foliage of Philodendron gloriosum promotes a lush and exotic accent in an interior; up close the effect is heightened due to the superb veining and the wonderfully velvety texture of the leaves which shimmer in light. Other members of the family have a vine-like habit, but this collectable variety is unusual in having a crawling habit.


The name for the philodendron family roughly translated means tree loving. In its native Colombia, stolon (like the runners on strawberries) run along the ground sending out roots which then embed themselves. It very rarely flowers out of its native habitat.

  • Pot size: 17cm (6½in)
  • Height and Spread: H: 90cm (3ft) x W: 90cm (3ft) after 2-5 years
  • Soil: Well-draining, loam based potting compost
  • Position: Bright, indirect light or shade (sun will scorch leaves)
  • Air purifying
  • Please note, the pot cover featured is not included
  • Toxic if eaten, handle with care

This philodendron likes bright light but not direct sun. Water when the soil has nearly dried out (to avoid root rot), do not water during the winter. Give it two or three liquid feeds in the growing season and mist the leaves regularly. Protect from draughts. Mist leaves regularly.