Iris Hantverk Porch Broom with Short Handle

Porch Broom with Short Handle



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Flick off gravel or just keep your entrance clear of dirt with this beautifully crafted porch broom. With a short handle for easy manoeuvrability, it’s charming enough to keep close at hand where it can be used for a quick sweep of any untidy area.

Arenga fibres are strong, dark coloured fibres from the sugar palm tree that resemble horsehair. Coarse and stiff, they are ideal for use in brushes and brooms. The porch broom has been handmade by visually impaired craftsmen in Sweden.

Details & Care
  • Made in Sweden
  • Oil treated birch
  • Arenga fibres
  • From time to time oil the wood -a food grade oil or cold pressed boiled linseed oil is recommended, applied with a cloth. Let the oil soak well into the wood before using the brush again.