Bergs Potter Rosa Copenhagen Pot, 35cm

Rosa Copenhagen Pot, 35cm


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Bergs Potter Rosa Saucers
Rosa Saucers
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With a stylish, antique rose base featuring a distinctive lip and embossed rim, each Copenhagen pot has been fired at a high temperature, guaranteeing a durability that makes them frost resistant. The superlative quality of the clay provides aeration to the plant’s roots, enabling them to retain moisture and promise optimum growth conditions.

Why not pair with a matching Rosa Copenhagen Saucer. (Don't forget to match the pot diameter to the saucer)


Also known as ‘Slot’ pots, after Fredensborg Castle where they were first made in 1860, the design was rediscovered on a pot hiding away in a nursery. Crafted by potters in a small village near Lucca in Tuscany, these quality pots will give your perennials a contemporary home to thrive in.

  • Colour: Rosa (pink)
  • Finish: Raw (unglazed)
  • Material: Clay, fired at 1000°C (1830°F)
  • Drainage hole: Yes
  • Note: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Frost resistant.