Indra Round Patterned Jute Rug 120cm
Indra Round Patterned Jute Rug 120cm

Round Patterned Jute Rug 120cm



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Artisans in India use recycled jute yarn to construct these rugs, resulting in a unique, hand crafted product full of character and charm.  Braided discs form a circle with a flower shape at the centre, resulting in an inviting rug made from soft natural fibres that will work well as a comfortable accessory in any living space. 


A natural fibre made from jute grass, jute yarn has a slightly rough texture ideal for use in the home, hard wearing underfoot with natural colouring that is both practical and neutral enough to work with any décor.

Details & Care
  • Handcrafted
  • Natural materials
  • Protect from humidity and water