Perello Salted Capers

Salted Capers



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These small nonpareille capers are both firm and floral. Fermented in brine and preserved in salt, their piquant citrus flavour makes them a versatile ingredient for many dishes. To enjoy, simply rinse them off and scatter into salads and sauces, or over pizzas and smoked fish. 

Known for their iconic tinned olives, Perelló have been sharing the taste of the Mediterranean since 1964. Beginning life as a single market stall in Barcelona’s famous Boqueria Market selling local Arbequina olives, today Perelló olives and assorted pickled produce can be found in some of the world’s most renowned retailers and restaurants.

  • Capers from Spain and Morocco
  • Rinse before use
  • Once opened, store in a cool dry place
  • Consume within 15 days of opening