Sansevieria Mikado
Sansevieria Mikado
Sansevieria Mikado
Snake Plant

Sansevieria Mikado



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Bearing dark green leaves with paler light green striping, the Sansevieria bacularis Mikado is a compact hybrid of the snake plant. The name ‘bacularis’ stems from the latin word ‘baculum’ meaning ‘stick, hence its upright, rod-like structure. Such a houseplant would work effectively in a space in need of a contemporary addition. Please note, the featured pot cover is not included.


Originating from the tropical West African region, Sansevieria filter airborne toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde, in turn a suitable choice for ensuring cleaner air in your interior.

  • Pot size: 20cm (8in)
  • Soil: Well-draining, loam based potting compost
  • Position: Bright, indirect light or shade (sun will scorch leaves)
  • Toxic
  • Air purifying
  • Please note, the pot cover featured is not included

Sansevieria likes room temperature around 18-25°C. Repot every 3 years or alternatively replace the top 10cm of the soil with fresh house plant compost every 2 years. Water very sparingly and allow to dry out completely between watering.