Silene Rolly's Favourite
Silene Rolly's Favourite

Silene Rolly's Favourite



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Silene dioica ‘Rolly’s Favourite’ is an appealing, semi-evergreen plant which forms a verdant clump of hairy, ovate leaves from which strikingly pretty sprays of deep pink flowers emerge in late spring, early summer. Held on long stems these flowers have five, distinctively notched petals around a delicate white eye, and are wonderfully long lasting.

This undemanding herbaceous plant was quite recently bred from the native wild Red Campion, by Herbert Oudshoorn in the Netherlands. Campion is a familiar and welcome sight, particularly in deciduous woods and hedgerows, and as a result this cultivar is attractive to native pollinators.


Flowers will continually appear from May to September, they mature into attractive purple striated calyx or seed pods

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • All aspects

These hardy plants need little attention, trim back any damaged foliage after winter. Deadhead flowers to extent flowering