Square Corten Steel Water Feature
Square Corten Steel Water Feature
Corten Steel Water Features

Square Corten Steel Water Feature



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This Square Corten Steel Water Feature will add an industrial dimension to a contemporary garden space. The flat steel bed is immersed in water, and emerging from the centre is a bubbling spring, forming a hypnotic ring of circles. Visually stunning, with a relaxing ambience, this water feature will bring tranquillity to your garden.


Developed in the 1930s, Corten steel is highly valued due to how the alloy reacts to the weather in a controlled manner. Over time, Corten builds up a stable and protective, rust-like layer of oxide, earning it the nickname, ‘weathering steel’. Eventually developing a burnt orange patina, it has become a popular material for sculptures and garden features alike.

Details & Care
  • Made from Corten steel with aluminium lining
  • Weight: 118kg *Fitting: Electricity supply required (3 pin UK plug included).
  • Note: The feature will be delivered in an unweathered condition, the process of oxidation will take 4-5 months.
  • Care: Annual cleaning is recommended by removing coarse dirt using clean tap water. In Winter remove the plug from the power socket and use pond de-icer to avoid freezing.