Stoneware Garlic Jar
Stoneware Garlic Jar

Stoneware Garlic Jar



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Toasted stoneware is incredibly durable and while displaying the earthy simplicity and charm of a hand thrown piece, this garlic jar is also extremely functional. Decorative holes have been added, allowing airflow to retain the freshness of the garlic. The lid has a smooth tactile glaze, paired with a rustic textured base.


Hand-thrown and locally made, this collection of stoneware marks our collaboration with artisan potters in developing unique designs that can be enjoyed for years to come. The colouring comes from the high iron content in the clay. Having been fired at 1300°C, this process enhances the variegated look of the pottery and generates the luscious glaze.

Details & Care
  • Materials: Clay
  • Dishwasher Safe