Earthsong Seeds Sweet Dreams Seed Collection
Earthsong Seeds Sweet Dreams Seed Collection

Sweet Dreams Seed Collection



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Easy for some and elusive for others, a good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy and happy life. This Sweet Dreams Seed Collection contains a selection of herbs that over the years have been found to support a good night’s sleep. They have a range of effects on our nervous system from the gentle herbs such as chamomile or wood betony easing tension and mental chatter, to the stronger herbs working directly on deeper layers of relaxation, such as valerian root and California poppy. 

The mission of Earthsong Seeds, based in North Somerset, is to empower people to take greater control of their health and wellbeing by growing their own herbs and making their own herbal preparations. With a passion for seeds, they have created some easy to grow collections with a focus on the benefits of growing herbs and their use in daily life.

Seeds included
  • Motherwort - Leonurus cardiaca (80 seeds)
  • California poppy - Eschscholzia californica (100 seeds)
  • German chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla (250 organic seeds)
  • Skullcap - Scutellaria lateriflora (150 seeds)
  • European valerian - Valeriana officinalis (100 organic seeds)
  • Wood betony - Betonica officinalis (100 seeds)
Details & Care

These herbs are best used throughout the day so that your body is well prepared before bed. They can all be experienced as a tea and drunk either fresh or dried. Or for a deeper alchemical experience, make a floral bath or tincture.