The Fire of Joy
Clive James

The Fire of Joy



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In the last months of his life, his vision impaired by surgery and unable to read, Clive James explored the treasure-house of his mind: the poems he knew best, the ones impossible to forget. Wanting to share his passion with others, this book is an anthology of 80 of his favourite poems, from the sixteenth century to the present, with a commentary about each one - adding personal anecdotes that help to bring the verse to life and, in doing so, inspire you to discover and learn. 

Clive James (1939–2019) was a broadcaster, critic, poet, memoirist and novelist. He read, learned and recited poetry aloud for most of his life. In this, the last book he completed before his death, he offers his own reflections and insights into his favourite poems, accompanied by witty, unpretentious and often illuminating commentary.

  • Publisher: Picador
  • Soft cover
  • Number of pages: 320 pages
  • ISBN: 9781529042085