Kadai Tripod Roaster
Kadai Tripod Roaster
Tripod Roaster

Tripod Roaster



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Experience the crispy skin and smoky flavour of roast chicken (or other pieces of meat) with this tripod roaster. Designed to hold the joint securely within its cage, the roaster is to be hung from a tripod over the fire, allowing for even cooking. By doing this, it helpfully frees up space to cook other components on the grill below. Tripod not included. Some images courtesy of Kadai.


The tripod roaster can also be used to cook several large vegetables (such as aubergines) or a large cauliflower. A hook is included for easy handling when hot.

Details & Care
  • Mild steel
  • Includes wooden handled hook
  • The roasting cage has a protective, food-safe coating for transportation. Wash with hot soapy water before first use. After use, wash again with soapy water and apply a light coat of vegetable oil to keep it in good condition.
How to use
  • Open the cage by twisting the lock mechanism, place the meat or vegetable in the cage, then shut and twist the lock shut.
  • Hang the roaster from the cooking tripod chain using the hoops.
  • The cage can be turned by using the specially designed handle. This can be done as often as you like to get an even cook around your meat or vegetables.