Wisteria chinesis prolific
Wisteria chinesis prolific
Chinese Wisteria

Wisteria chinesis prolific

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Wisteria sinensis is a long-lived climber with woody stems which produces a mass of leaves - bronze in the spring, deepening to green in the summer and buttery yellow in autumn. Before the foliage, dramatic cascades of pea-like purple flowers drip colour and emit a glorious scent. In time these flowers mature into tactile, velvety seed pods.

Wisteria creates the glorious display that is so traditional throughout the Cotswolds. It has been popular here since first introduced in the early 19th century by John Reeves (Chief inspector of tea at Canton) who saw it growing in a Chinese merchant’s garden. It is named, (misspelt for centuries), after the 18th-century anatomist Caspar Wistar.


Flowers: From May - June

  • Moist, fertile, well drained
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • South, west facing

Plant with the size in mind. Wisteria climbs vine-like so needs a framework of horizontal wires up a wall to provide structure. Prune rigorously twice a year, towards the end of summer and mid-winter, to enhance flowering. Please note this plant is harmful if eaten.


Flowers have strong fragrance