Wisteria ventusa Grande Diva Nathalie
Wisteria ventusa Grande Diva Nathalie

Wisteria ventusa Grande Diva Nathalie

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The Wisteria ventusaGrande Diva Nathalie’ produces masses of magically fragrant, bi-coloured blue and white racemes, between May and June. A vigorous twining climber, this wisteria is ideal for draping over a pergola in a sunny spot, or wall. It is advised that in order to minimise damage from late spring frosts in colder areas, train tightly against a south or south-west facing wall. 


When Wisteria were introduced to Britain in 1816 they took the country by storm. John Reeves, Chief Inspector of Tea in Canton, saw the climber growing in a merchant’s garden and took cuttings. Since then both Chinese and Japanese Wisteria have been highly prized for their remarkable beauty and scent.


Flowers: May - October

  • Well drained, light soil
  • South or west facing
  • Full sun, partial shade

It is crucial to prune Wisteria to optimise flowering, this should be done twice a year. Because it is such a vigorous plant, ensure that you have allowed enough space and solid support in the form of a wall with firm wires, pergolas or sturdy trellises that will support the weight of the mature plant.