Wool Pellet Soil Enhancer
Wool Pellet Soil Enhancer
Traditional Garden Growers

Wool Pellet Soil Enhancer



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Wonderful at retaining moisture, these wool pellets are made from raw, compressed sheep’s wool which slowly breaks down in the soil releasing naturally occurring nutrients and increasing oxygen levels in the ground. Due to their moisture absorbing qualities, they are an irritant to slugs and snails, thus forming a harmless barrier around tender plants whilst also acting as a weed suppressant.


Safe for pets, children and wildlife. Diverting wool waste from landfill and using it to restore nutrients to the soil is a wonderfully eco-friendly, regenerative way of gardening. Supplied by local Oxfordshire farmers.

Traditional Garden Growers

'Chemical fertilisers are used to produce most of our food but this comes at the cost of degrading our soil. Our alternative is to promote healthy soil by using natural products. Wool is a renewable, sustainable and traditional soil enhancer, packed with essential nutrients. Our wool is locally sourced in Oxfordshire and condensed into pellets which are easy to apply, safe to handle and store.'

Applying wool pellets into the ground

Details & Care
  • Apply liberally around the base of the plant and water in.
  • Made from wool from sheep local to Oxfordshire. Sourced from farms that adhere to the five freedoms of animal welfare in the UK; freedom from hunger and thirst, from discomfort, from pain injury or disease, from fear and distress, to express normal behaviour.
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