Choosing your Christmas Tree

A pinnacle of merriment, the Christmas tree forms the centrepiece of a host of festive celebrations, and their decoration is often entwined with family tradition, ritual, and ideally, a little eccentricity. As our plants area transforms into a magical forest of sustainably cut and potted Christmas trees thick with lush needles and fresh scents, we have assembled a guide to the great number of varieties we have on offer, to help you choose your perfect tree.

Each of our trees have been carefully selected based on their exquisite structures, colours, scents, and effective needle retention, each a fantastic canvas for decorations. As a starting note, we highly recommend purchasing your tree as early as possible, as the sooner they are placed in water outside prior to bringing in and decorating, the fresher it will stay for a longer duration.

*Please note, some of our rarer varieties are in limited supply. If you are after a particular tree, we would recommend giving us a call in advance of visiting, so we can advise on current availability.

Burford Garden Company
Best all round: Nordmann Fir (pot grown and cut)

Our most popular variety, the Nordmann fir is a conical tree with strong bushy branches that grows in tiers and becomes progressively shorter towards the top, which lends it its beautifully symmetrical shape. With shiny, soft to touch needles, perfect for little fingers, it carries a delicate, subtle scent. (In-store and online)

Best for small spaces: Serbian Spruce (pot grown and cut)

A beautiful compact tree with a slender habit that makes it ideal for use in smaller spaces, the Serbian spruce carries dense green foliage that is magnificently soft with silvery blue undersides, creating an illuminating and intriguing hue. (Limited numbers in-store)

Burford Garden Company

Serbian Spruce foliage

Best for strength: Noble Fir (cut)

Deemed the original ‘Blue’ Christmas tree that emits a distinctive yet mild scent, the Noble firs are famed for their durable, stiff branches, making it a great choice for supporting heavy ornaments. With a construction that is busier towards the top end lending a fuller appearance, it features smaller needles. (In-store only)

Burford Garden Company
Burford Garden Company
Best for foliage: Fraser Fir (cut)

Slightly taller and skinnier than their Nordmann counterparts, the Fraser fir features a sought-after sweet, citrussy fragrance, with its velvety soft and dense foliage constructed in a pyramidal shape with needles that turn slightly upward. (In-store and online)

Best for uniqueness: Scots Pine (cut)

Recognisable by its distinctive long, slender needles that present a rich bluish-green hue, this tree carries with it an aroma that’s both woody and delightful refreshing. (Limited numbers in-store)

Burford Garden Company
Best for colour: Rocky Mountain Fir (cut)

A dwarf tree of shrub proportions with attractive blue-grey needles, the Rocky Mountain Fir carries a unique appearance; a slender, tapering form and vibrant green needles can add a touch of elegance and wilderness. Emits a resinous fragrance when needles are touched. (Limited numbers in-store)

Best for scent: White Fir (cut)

With small thin needles that grow in a circular pattern around the branch, the White Fir features silvery blue, glaucous hues. Such an enchanting colour palette combined with its rubbery texture makes this type especially unique. (Limited numbers in-store)

Best for small fingers: Korean Fir (cut and pot grown)

A compact tree, the Korean Fir has dense branching and soft, wide round needles that are easy to decorate, especially for children. Perhaps the most charming feature of this tree however is the silvery white appearance on the tip of each branch and twig, as if lightly frosted or snow dipped. (In-store only)

Burford Garden Company

Korean Fir foliage

Best for rustic style: Lodge Pole Pine (cut)

Perfect for creating an indoor forest feeling, the naturalistic form of the Lodgepole Pine is a great unique choice for a striking Christmas display, with its beautiful up-turned branches - if you are lucky, you may also get a pine-cone or two. (Limited numbers in-store)

Burford Garden Company

Lodge Pole Pine

Burford Garden Company
Best for gifting: Blue Spruce (pot grown)

Although its needles are a little spikey, the Blue Spruce is still an attractive choice for a Christmas tree, due to its strong pine scent and luscious blue toned foliage that looks almost frost tipped. Available as small potted specimens, this is a tree that will last for many Christmases to come and will make an especially welcome gift. (In-store and online)

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