Getting to Know: Haws and our brand new Watering Cans

We are delighted to announce our brand new watering cans, created by the iconic watering brand, Haws. The Fazeley Flow and The Warley Fall have been made in Birmingham, exclusively painted in 'Burford Blue'. This heritage British brand and their ergonomic and aesthetic design has stood the test of time, beloved by gardeners since 1884.

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It has been such a pleasure to work with Haws on these brand-new Watering Cans in the beautiful Burford Blue, can you tell us a little bit about the characteristic design of a Haws Can and the impressive ergonomics that go into your infamous shape?

Of course! It’s been such a pleasure working with the team at Burford over the last 12 months making this dream become a reality.

There are a number of things that go into the traditional “Haws” shape which is now called The Warley Fall. The current iteration of this model is not too different from the original, created by John Haws in 1886. The original patent for “a watering pot that is much easier to carry and tip and more adapted for the use than any other put before the public” remains true to this day.

The cross stay of the watering can offers the user a comfortable, point at which to carry the watering can. Two gallons of water can be very heavy for some people (around 10kg), so having a convenient carry handle where the can is perfectly balanced means the user isn’t putting their body under unnecessary stresses and strains when carrying a heavy load up and down the garden. (We would generally recommend that carrying two, smaller or less full watering cans, one in each hand, is much better for your body than a single very heavy one as it provides balance.) Having a separate tipping handle allows the user to continue to carry the weight of the can by the cross stay and use the handle at the back of the can to tip the watering can rather than trying to operate one handed.

The addition of the long spout allows users not only to reach all the way to the back of deep flower beds with ease, but it also creates extra water pressure which is very important when using roses of varying coarseness. Increased water pressure allows the water to be projected from the holes in the rose. The bigger the holes, the more water pressure is needed.

What makes the Fazeley flow different?

The standout feature of all of our watering cans is that they are made, by hand, in England, by a team of 20 crafts woman and men, just as they have been for over 130 years. We use only the very best materials available, and they are made for life.

The Fazeley Flow is our designated houseplant watering can. The curved, slash cut spout allows water to be delivered precisely to the base of the plant directly at soil level which prevents any muddy water from splashing over the pot's sides onto your treasured sideboard or windowsill. The two-pint capacity is perfect for around 6 or 7 houseplants with the cross-stay again providing an excellent carry handle. As with all our indoor metal watering cans, the Fazeley Flow comes with a 5–year guarantee and adds a touch of elegance to your watering routine.

Beloved by so many gardeners, what do you think makes Haws cans arguably the best in the world and treasured by so many?

The brand Haws is a household name for most gardeners, it’s a symbol of quality, longevity, function and form. Anyone who gardens will have, at some point in their horticultural escapades, come into contact with one of our cans. Whether it was the plastic one that grandma used in her greenhouse or the neighbour's big galvanised can that you still use at the allotment today. Making quality products that last a lifetime is the Haws legacy, it is one we will continue to live up to for many more generations to come.

People are sentimental, if they have a tool that does a good job, they are reluctant to give it up, they’re also likely to recommend it to a friend or gift it to someone in their family. Our brand spreads through word of mouth and that’s no mean feat to accomplish. It can only be done by crafting great products that are made for life.

Burford Garden Company
How long does it take to create one of these cans, can you give us a brief overview of the production process?

Each watering can has around 120 touch points, that’s 120 times a pair of hands are used to bend, shape, solder and paint a part of your watering can. The Fazeley Flow and the Warley Fall are made using the same basic components, a handle, a cross stay, a spout, a body, a neck, breast and a base. Each of these components are made from large steel coils which are cut into blanks, like a net of a 3D shape. These are then bent, rolled or cut into shape to make the completed component. These parts are then spot welded, soldered, rolled or locked into place either by hand or with the help of one or two specialist machines.

From start to finish it would take around 3 days to make a Warley Fall. This includes time required for our specialist resin to cure on the inside of the can which is used more widely in the aerospace industry for affixing airplane parts. The cans are also water tested twice in the production process to help us check for any leaks. They are then packed up and shipped to all corners of the world. We have multiple customers on every continent.

Burford Garden Company
Is it true that a Haws Watering Can will really last for a lifetime?

Yes! If cared for properly there’s no reason a Haws can shouldn’t last a lifetime, maybe even two or three! Our metal watering cans come with a 5- or 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and the Warley Fall HDG comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. We also have a team of incredibly skilled people with a combination of over 350 years of experience making watering cans. There are many problems that can easily be fixed in house. Even if a watering can springs an unfortunate leak in its third generation of ownership, we’ll always work with the customer to try and help them fix and restore their treasured heirloom.

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