Getting to Know: Seggiano

A sought after favourite in our Food Hall, Seggiano is regularly recognised as one of the most-loved brands when it comes to artisanal food, with many of their ranges, such as their Flatbreads and Grissini, acclaimed as the very best available. Their pasta sauces are often identified as the cleanest tasting around, and so much of their produce has become staple store cupboard essentials for passionate foodies.

Landscape at Seggiano

Following a chance meeting at Roma Ciampino Airport in 1985, founders David Harrison and Peri Eagleton sought to establish a brand rooted in their shared values of holistic wellbeing, sustainable agriculture, and of course, the very best of Italian produce.

Burford Garden Company

David and Peri in the early days of Seggiano

Within just a few years they had produced their very first batch of premium Seggiano Lunaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil on their farm in the south of Tuscany, nestled in the idyllic tree covered slopes of Monte Amiata. Buoyed by their oil’s spectacular success, it was then that the real journey began, as they searched the country for fellow specialist producers who shared in their enthusiasm for sustainability and truly delicious Italian food.

Now, over thirty years on, Seggiano are still sourcing directly from artisan pioneers all over Italy, reflecting the culinary heritage of many agricultural communities, producing carefully balanced Balsamics, scintillating Pasta Sauces and their famous Raw Basil Pesto.

Burford Garden Co. has been a proud home to much of Seggiano’s produce for many years now. Following their last tasting event they told us: ‘It’s such a pleasure to see how many of your customers consider Seggiano the go-to brand for all things Italian now’, and told us of their commitment to continue to ‘bring good, cleaner food to as many people as possible, always keeping that “speciality” feel to our lines, […] never having to compromise on the quality of our products’.

It is Seggiano's dedication to their founding values that has seen them endure for over three decades, and with their offering being so truly delicious (we particularly love their Super Dense Fig Balsamic Glaze), we cannot wait to see what they do next.